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We have joined forces to offer an all-inclusive wedding capture service!  Allison creates classic, candid, and romantic photos that transport you back to your wedding day every time you see them. Gina captures video beyond just documenting what happened; through her artistic, creative eyes, she provides a wedding film that you can feel...the essence of the heart of your unique wedding day.

Together, we work seamlessly as a cohesive photo/video team to highlight all the magical moments of your wedding day. Give either one of us a call. We would love to collaborate with you.



Allison never wanted to do anything besides be a photographer. She took a B&W darkroom photography class in high school and never looked back. Convinced she would be the next Ansel Adams, she discovered while earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Photography at the Art Institute of Colorado, that her true passion was in creating portraits for people. She began work as a portrait photographer right out of college and has been voted one of the Best Photographers in Durango the past 10 years in a row. Her goal as a Durango wedding photographer is to create classic, candid, and romantic photos that transport you back to your wedding day every time you see them on your walls. Her wedding photos are about love, no doubt…but they are also about vistas and views and vows; candid and narrative stories from getting ready to your dance coverage to thoughtful photographs of friends and family celebrating your day. Her style combines interactive styling and posing with a dash of classical portraiture. The result is that you have beautiful portraits that are not overly stiff or posed but feel and look organic and timeless.

Allison Ragsdale Wedding Photography, Durango, Colorado
Allison Ragsdale Wedding Photography, Durango, Colorado
 “Allison is a pure joy to work alongside. She is a calm presence, an encourager, a collaborator, and a beautifully kind person to work with on every shoot.  And behind the scenes, she is a skilled photo editor with a mastery of color. All of her photos are beautifully exquisite. No wonder she has been voted one of the Best Photographers in Durango for the past 10 years in a row."  -Gina


Gina has always had a passion to artistically capture the essence of special moments. After graduating with a Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design from Fort Hays State University, she began her career as a designer, book coach, illustrator, videographer...all forms of artistic expression for clients across the country for the past 30 years. Upon moving to Durango and feeling the breathtaking environment of the mountains, the dynamic colors, the kindness of the people…this all captivated her in a new, inspiring way. She says that collaborating with Allison Ragsdale Photography to offer an all-inclusive, artistic wedding capture in this environment is a dream come true.
Integrita Productions, Durango Wedding Video, Colorado

"Gina is a "ninja" and by that I mean that she is so good at "blending in" that I forget she is there capturing everything.. but she IS there capturing everything - just very non invasively and never controlling the day - simply capturing it as it unfolds. Gina always has a huge smile on her face which makes it obvious she's loving what she does... and I think couples would love knowing that. She has such passion to film the essence of the heart of the day...not just document what happened...but capture what it felt like to be a part of a couple's special wedding day." -Allison


"Allison & Gina exceeded our expectations as our wedding day photographer/videographer and our photos/video are simply stunning! They captured the beauty of the mountains and scenery as well as the intimate moments of the ceremony and reception. The photos and video feel natural, personal, and reflect how amazing we felt all day! Allison & Gina both made us feel comfortable and listened to us when we had ideas about poses. They are very professional and friendly and I would recommend them for anyone who wants amazing photos/video for your wedding day!”

-Morgan Blount

"Our photos are so perfect and the video is beautiful!!! Thank you soooo much Allison & Gina!”

-Lily Dudley


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