From the Magazine: A Homegrown Wedding in Mancos, Colorado

A Homegrown Wedding in Mancos

  From the bride, Emily: Our meeting was love at first sight 6 years ago, in the very spot we got married! We wanted to do things ourselves and keep the wedding in tune with who we are. Simple became our catch-phrase when deciding things. We grew all the flowers ourselves, all 160 napkins were…

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Train, engineer wedding in Durango

Two Engineers Unite in Durango

  This pair of engineers from Chicago self described as nerdy hippies who love the outdoors and any engine with moving parts chose Durango for their destination wedding. Rather than plan a traditional wedding they decided to build their wedding from scratch with their own meanings and goals representing their partnership. They approached planning their…

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Durango wedding

A Fun Celebration

From the bride, Aspen: Our wedding was very elegant and upbeat with a light pink, silver, and white color palette. Manny and I created and designed everything ourselves.   The ceremony was very sweet, short, and simple. Our Yorkie was the ring bearer with a tuxedo, which was adorable. My cousin married us and we signed…

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