Casual & Fun in Durango

From the bride, Robyn:  We wanted our day to be casual, classy, and fun. I tried to add details unique to Durango. We made cufflinks out of bike chains and had the groomsmen wear camelback flask ties. Our color palette was navy blue, bright yellow, fuchsia, and Kelly green.




My favorite detail was our ski arbor!  Kris and I met in Vail where we lived before Durango. We met on the last day of the season.  I grew up skiing at Purg and it is one of Kris’s passions. Over the years we have talked about making a ski Adirondack chair so the idea just came to me to have my dad build us a wedding arch. Using skis from his old collection and some that we found at thrift stores here and there, my dad constructed the arbor. One of the pairs of skis had my dad’s name on them, a gift from my mom back in the day!




I loved riding away on a tandem.




For our guestbook, my dad made drawings of us so people could write our thoughts.





We made our centerpieces out of vinyl records.  




What went wrong: I bought three dresses, and the one I wore was overnighted to me the Tuesday before the wedding! I was soooo, soooo, soooooo, stressed. We were only engaged for 6 months so by the time I started dress shopping, I already felt rushed and pressured by the stores.  I bought a dress I thought I liked and when it came in about a month before the wedding I just didn’t like it! I am the girl that watches all the wedding shows and the dress really mattered to me. I went searching online and found a dress by a reputable designer in my size, and ordered with about four weeks to spare.  When I got it, it was too long and needed some minor other alterations. The person I took it to, altered the dress in a way that it no longer fit well, or was comfortable.  I could have made it work, but it just didn’t seem right, So, once again I turned to online shopping and found a J. crew dress that seemed like me and that I figured would fit well and it did. 




My advice: Enjoy the ride, its over before you know it and even though it is impossible to remember this while planning, your most likely the only one that notices the mistakes on your day. Just be true to yourselves and do what you want to do, do things that will remind people of you.




VENDORS: Photographer: Moosehead Design | Caterer: The Yellow Carrot |  Venue: The Smiley Building

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