A Sunrise Elopement in the Mountains

Naomi & Brice | October 26th


From the bride: We chose Durango after looking at photographs of the area. Southwest Colorado is absolutely beautiful. I would recommend this area for a wedding especially during the fall with the color changing leaves and the cool air.




Our vision was to focus strictly on us and the purpose of our marriage. We are laid back, yet adventurous, but private people. Having our wedding in the mountains, at sunrise, with just the two of us was exactly what we wanted.




The bouquet and boutonniere embodied the outdoors and included blue thistle, poms, roses, seeded eucalyptus, pink ice protea, hypericum berries, and greenery.



Brice and I got ready together on the morning of the wedding. Brice woke up extremely nervous, anxious, and emotional. Getting married is a big deal for both of us. Months leading up to this moment, I was the one in a nervous wreck! Complete emotional roller coaster, while he was cool as a cucumber. Well, tables turned, and I was just excited, and he was a wreck.



First Look | A Durango Elopement in the Mountains



We wanted our first look to be special. We used ties from Brice’s father for our first look (his father passed away when Brice was 17). Once the blindfolds were taken off, we were both captivated with one another. He was emotional and I was just full of joy!


Ceremony | A Durango Elopement in the Mountains


The Colorado sunrise was beyond beautiful as it painted the canyon walls as if it was a prism refracting the sunlight. The natural beauty of the wedding location was all encompassing. The small lake we recited our vows at was flawless as if it had been pulled from a fairytale. We couldn’t have found a better location.




A ceremony in the San Juan Mountains, Durango



We prayed and then read our vows to one another. It was beautiful hearing him express himself in such a raw way. We didn’t have any guests aside from our photographer, Colt Freeman. The privacy allowed me to fully experience my emotions.
A ceremony in the San Juan Mountains, Durango
An intimate elopement ceremony in the San Juan Mountains, Durango

An intimate elopement ceremony in the San Juan Mountains, Durango An intimate elopement ceremony in the San Juan Mountains, Durango


Aside from our vows, when we were taking our single photos, we were saying little sweet nothing to one another across the lake, making each other giggle and smile.


An intimate elopement ceremony in the San Juan Mountains, Durango



1. Take the stress away and have your wedding exactly how YOU want it. Not what other people want, if so-and-so can make it, who likes what to eat, where would this person want to sit, etc.

2. Make the wedding as stress-free and drama-free as possible.

3. Enjoy yourself fully. Allow yourself to FEEL the emotions and not just go through the motions.

4. Ask the groom what he would like. It’s NOT just about the bride. Asking my husband what he wanted and what he liked and adding those things in the mix, made it easier for me and it was so wonderful to see him participate and feel included, because all in all, it’s his day too!

5. Don’t argue over the little things! It’s okay if you forget something, IMPROVISE! LAUGH ABOUT IT! The wedding day is the best day ever!


An intimate elopement ceremony in the San Juan Mountains, Durango


Photographer: Colt Freeman.  Colt was very sweet; he came prepared and made a fire for Brice and me to keep warm. He also went out of his way to get items for us.

Flowers: Moss Bluff Florist






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