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Bristol Kantor about Shutterfreek
Shutterfreek is amazing at wedding photography, & any other photography. You name it, they bring it! I highly recommend them to shoot your wedding day.. If you are able to invest in anything on your wedding day, other than marrying the person you love, invest in your pictures. They are the memories you will have forever, & always to look back at... Shutterfreek captures evey moment you don\'t want to miss. Shutterfreek shot my wedding in California & I was amazed at my pictures :)
Lauren & Chad about Strater Hotel
The Strater Hotel was an excellent location for our reception. Emily Spencer with the Strater helped ease our stress and worked so hard to make everything work smoothly, making the evening more fun than we could have imagined.
Jessica about Echo Basin Ranch
Our wedding day was perfect and the food was amazing!
Kristi & Miles about Silverpick Lodge
Great location & amazing food, highly recommended!
Rachel & Lee about Silverpick Lodge
The Meadow is beautiful, the restaurant has a breathtaking view of the mountains and the food was delicious!
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