Kara & Jamie Laws
60 N Main, Blanding, Utah
(480) 532-8772   |   illuminatedmoments.com

Illuminated Moments started in Phoenix over eight years ago. As people, Jamie and I could not be more different. As photographers, our differences are what give our brides their epic and unique images. Jamie specializes in light, planning ahead, and being everywhere at once - without you ever noticing him. I am best at stupid jokes, bossy around large groups of people, and rolling with the punches. My best images are unplanned and happen under circumstances that were less than ideal. Jamie's best images come from careful planning and think through. So, no matter how your wedding day goes, rain or shine, long or short, we have you covered.

My education background is in digital and general art. That also means I am obsessed with making sure every image that leaves my studio looks its very best. I personally, enhance and customize every image, pulling out colors, bringing in skies, preserving details, and giving your images the attention they deserve; after all, it took you years to plan this wedding. Shoot us an email to chat about your wedding.

- Kara Laws

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