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Faith Photography
from the artist

Faith Photography is a boutique photography studio that provides custom & unique portraits & art.

My goal is to tell your story in the most compelling way possible. Capturing priceless expressions, moments & memories that will last for generations to come is what you will get with Faith Photography.

While we like to have a good time, no matter what we're doing, be it work or play, the responsibility of documenting your day is one we take very serious. You do not get do-overs or re-takes on a wedding day. Hiring a Wedding Photographer who is truly professional & can handle the unexpected ups & downs that can be associated with a wedding day is a quality that shouldn't be overlooked. We treat every event with the care & attention that it deserves, after all, you have just spent at least the last 12 months of your life planning this magical day, shouldn’t your photographer be as vested as you are in this event?

By providing outstanding customer service, maintaining the highest standards in quality products & our meticulous attention to detail, Faith Photography is the clear choice when choosing your Wedding Photographer.