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A Vintage Wedding in Pagosa

Carrie & Cade   |   June 13, 2015   |   Pagosa Springs, Colorado

From the bride: I love lace and pearls and wanted a classic vintage feel, something timeless for our wedding day with a blush, champagne, gold and neutral color palette.

 My brother built our wedding arbor. One of our best friends, who was a part of us meeting, married us. 

Dinner was inside the grand living room, which was completely transformed into a vintage romantic dream and accommodated 67 people for our sit down dinner. Each table had roses and peonies, gold accents, candles and lace.

We wanted an eclectic collection of vintage china on the tables, so we started shopping at second hand stores a year before our wedding date. We used my grandmother’s vintage cloth napkins at each table setting.  For our favors, I  made all natural vanilla soy candles.

We were very involved in the planning of our food and dessert table. We are vegetarian and love sweets. Everything had to vegetarian, egg free and we also wanted gluten free options for a few of our friends. We wanted everyone to be able to eat whatever they saw no matter their diet restrictions.

There was a moment, Cade and I sat back in our chairs and just took everyone/thing in. Our guests were eating, laughing and enjoying themselves. The décor was beautiful and everything we hoped for. We were married and surrounded by the people we love and care about most.

Looking back, I hated when it was all over. The whole day and weekend went by way too fast. I loved all the food. I loved seeing our family and friends all together in one place. I hated the feeling of not having enough time to sit and talk with everyone there for more than a few moments. But, so happy we planned a weekend full of events leading up to the big day, which gave us more time with everyone. 

My advice: Pre-marital counseling was something we both wanted to do and it was great. We learned more about each other and also confirmed things we already knew. We learned new skills and techniques that will help arm us for a long successful marriage. I would recommend it for ANYONE who is engaged. My other advice is no one tells you just how long, hard and emotional planning a wedding can be. Everyone says enjoy it! No matter if you are paying for it yourself or you have help, you deal with so many people, so many opinions and so many personalities, it’s tough. You love everyone but at the end of the day, you have to make the top priority about you and your fiancé. After all is said and done, it’s your day together and it should be exactly the way you two see it, not everyone else.

Event Planner: Many Winn, Celebrations // Photographer: Rachael Kruse // Caterer: Degelman’s Classic Catering  // Cake: The Yellow Carrot  // DJ: Aiko Aiko Sound // Hair & Makeup: Tiffany Aukerman // Venue: Keyah Grande

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Casual & Fun at Ridgewood

Claire & Marcus  |  June 1, 2015  |  Ridgewood Event Center

There were lots of heel clicks, Lion King songs, funky socks and laughter at this Durango wedding. Claire and Marcus are avid backpackers so they chose to incorporate their beloved Nalgene bottles and backpacks in their photos with adorable signs that said “Just Married”.
KellyMirandaPhoto0120 KellyMirandaPhoto0121 KellyMirandaPhoto0122

Marcus gave each of his friends a pair of funky socks to wear. As he gave each guy the pair of socks, he told a story about their friendship that coincided with what was on the socks.

KellyMirandaPhoto0123 KellyMirandaPhoto0124 KellyMirandaPhoto0125 KellyMirandaPhoto0126 KellyMirandaPhoto0127 KellyMirandaPhoto0128 KellyMirandaPhoto0129 KellyMirandaPhoto0130 KellyMirandaPhoto0131 KellyMirandaPhoto0132 KellyMirandaPhoto0133

For their guestbook, a friend painted a tree on a canvas for their guests to sign and add a fingerprint. The couple plans to hang the art piece in their home.


The couple had their own version of Cards Against Humanity made specifically for them, which they called Cards Against Newlyweds. Each card contained funny stories and facts about the couple, which their guests used to play the game.

KellyMirandaPhoto0135 KellyMirandaPhoto0136 KellyMirandaPhoto0137

Venue: RIDGEWOOD EVENT CENTER { more info }
Caterer: DURANGOURMET { more info }
Photographer: Kelly Miranda Photography
Hair & Makeup: Lemon Head Hair Salon

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A Simple & Relaxed Wedding in Vallecito

Laura & Gabriel  |  June 13th  |  Vallecito Lake, Colorado

From the bride: Our wedding was at Blue Spruce campgrounds near Vallecito. The really awesome part was family and friends started coming into town the week before the wedding- we rented all their cabins, and several people camped out as well. It was a push getting all packed up and out there, but once we were all there it made for a relaxing, fun-filled weekend with tons of quality time with the people we love most.
Faith Photography0101

 Our color palette was green and pink (like a flower), accented by other neutral, natural colors.

Faith Photography0102

Several family members helped me decorate for the wedding, which brought a wonderful eclectic style to the tables and also this heartwarming, genuine sense of community.

Faith Photography0103 Faith Photography0104

 It rained and hailed until about 1.5 hours before our ceremony, then miraculously cleared up! My younger brother passed away in 2010.  My parents inherited his dog, Foster, a minature Australian Sheppard who walked me down the aisle with my dad.  It was my way to honor and include my brother, whom I wish could have been there more than anything.

Faith Photography0105 Faith Photography0106

I started collecting fabric about a year ago, which I used for the arch. I sewed our initials into the fabric draped across the arch.

Faith Photography0107 Faith Photography0108

I handmade all our decorations and used a lot of repurposed thrift store finds to keep us in budget and to reduce waste. All the figurines and vases were second-hand, and painted with a matte paint they mixed up for me at Krogers in my color scheme.  I made dozens of paper flowers out of dyed coffee filters and tissue paper.  At the end of the night, we gave them away as mementos to guests.

Faith Photography0109

Our favors were Honeyville honey jars that matched our color and theme perfectly – Mountain Peach. Our guests LOVED these – it was so cool to send a little sweet Colorado treat home with everyone.

Faith Photography0110

 I loved our guest book I ordered from the Etsy site, Mystic Wildcraft. Everyone signed this beautiful tree slice that they had wood-burned our details into and stained.  It will be a unique, beautiful piece of art we will always display in our home.

Faith Photography0111

I love, loved our cupcake tower that resembled a beautiful flower garden.  Nevada at Albertson’s bakery was so creative and accommodating, I highly recommend her. Guests loved the variety of cupcakes, and serving/ cleanup was simple.

Faith Photography0112

The reception was a blast. We hired this amazing blue grass band called Ruckus and the Rice Patties, and just asked them to do their thing. Everyone let their guard down and was dancing and having a great time- there was no pressure for certain formal dances or songs, and we didn’t do the traditional bouquet or garter toss which often can feel awkward or disrupt the flow of the night. A genuine good time was had by all, honestly- it was the best party I’ve ever been to!


My advice: Make sure to take a honeymoon. Worth it. Make it happen.



Photographer: Faith Photography by Bree Gonzalez {more info}. I wanted to have high-quality professional documentation and Bree delivered!

Favors: Honeyville {more info}. Our guests LOVED these and it was so cool to send a little sweet Colorado treat home with everyone.




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