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DIY Wedding in Dolores

Cerissa & Scott  |  August 24th  |  Dolores, Colorado

From the bicycle decor to the vibrant florals, this DIY wedding from Tamara Hogue of Moosehead Design is filled with handmade touches. As avid mountain bikers, the couple included lots of whimsical bike art in all the decor. The colorful bouquets and floral arrangements were made from flowers grown by Scott’s mother.  After the riverside vows, dinner and dancing took place under the stars. The couple honeymooned in their VW bus that they restored together.

MooseheadDesign0101 MooseheadDesign0102 MooseheadDesign0103 MooseheadDesign0104 MooseheadDesign0105 MooseheadDesign0106 MooseheadDesign0107 MooseheadDesign0108 MooseheadDesign0109 MooseheadDesign0111 MooseheadDesign0112


IMG_4648-2 MooseheadDesign0114MooseheadDesign0110

The Vendor Team
Photographer: Tamara Hogue, Moosehead Design  //  Dessert: Shiloh Bakery & Sweets  //  Venue + Food + Flowers: Family & friends  //  Band: The Beautiful Loser Society

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2014 Wedding Trends by Durango Party Rental

To all the lovely “bride to be’s” reading this, my name is Krii Black and I am the Certified Bridal Consultant for Durango Party Rental and LePlatt’s Pond Weddings!  Born and raised in Durango, it’s truly my pleasure and passion to plan for locals and destination couples looking for that perfect outdoor Colorado wedding!   I see so many trends come and go but a few are timeless enough to stick around!  Here are our top 5 wedding trends for our 2014 LePlatt’s Pond and other Durango Party Rental coordinated events, hope you enjoy!

1.  Mason Jars, yep like Grandma’s sweet jam!  There are a million different ways you can use this classic glass to transform your event, within a budget.  Floating is my personal favorite, adorned with candlelight that will flicker romance throughout your entire reception.  Easy, affordable and elegant, who can argue with those three little words!


(image credits: IlluminArts Photography, Shutterfreek, Photo Divine)

2. Tent Liners, Swags or Ceiling drape, like a wedding gown for your Reception!  Colorful liners, swags or draping can literally transform you reception in one graceful swoop!   Offering a cloudlike atmosphere, it softens the look of your event and adds a warm intimate ambiance.  Your guests will gaze above,” ooing and aweing” of the effort that must have gone into your décor.  The best part is, it’s really quite effortless!

(image credit: IlluminArts Photography)

3. Burlap, and natural colors.  This trend has local brides coming back for more.   Adding dashes of burlap to any arrangement, centerpiece, chair tie or table linen is a gorgeous way to add a bit of the rustic elegance to your wedding.  Accompanied by natural tones, such as light pinks, greens, and purples has a stunning effect.  But be warned, true burlap can be messy and itchy.  At Durango Party Rental we offer a finished Burlap Linen that comes in any shape or size!


(Autumn Twilight Photography, Keeping ComposureKiersta Rhodes Photography)

4. I think it’s safe to say Cupcakes are here to stay!  Nothing could be sweeter on the eye or compliment that sweet tooth better than a table adorned with wedding cupcakes!  These little beauties are perfect!  There is much less waste, and guests can easily take one for the road!


(images by IlluminArts Photography, cupcakes by The Yellow Carrot)

5.  Last but not least, and I just couldn’t help myself!  More and more brides locally are seeing the value in hiring a wedding coordinator.  Before it was looked at as a luxury item, but now it’s being realized as a necessity.  It’s literally like purchasing wedding insurance!  You spend all this time, energy and money on one perfect day; why not pay someone to make sure it goes perfectly!  I hear over and over the one regret couples have is not hiring a coordinator, it’s something you don’t realize until it’s too late.  Let your family, friends and yourself off the hook so you can relax and be a guest on YOUR day!  After all that’s what it is and your experience during this larger than life moment is of the utmost importance!

Hope you enjoyed hearing about our local trends and they in some way inspired you for your special day!  My parting advice would be to enjoy every moment, even the planning process, because it’s all over in the blink of an eye!



Krii Black, Certified Wedding Consultant
Durango Party Rental & LePlatt’s Pond {more info | website}
Office: (970) 259-6009
Cell: (970) 759-0748






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Inspiring Ideas: Garden Seeds

Where are you “Seeded”?
This is the perfect DIY seating idea for the garden lover. Name your tables after your favorite flowers, for example: Cosmo, Petunia, Marigold, etc. then purchase the seed packets, label with guests’ names and creativity hang.  Take this idea one step further by having each table centerpiece correspond with the table name. For example, the marigold table would have a container of marigolds, the sunflower table would feature a vase of sunflowers, etc.  This would work great for a wildflowers as well.  We love locally grown heirloom seeds from Blue Lake Ranch.
cosmoAbove image by Sasser Stills.

Above images by IlluminArts Photography.

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